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Santa Cruz Summer Vacation Rental

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's
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Although we have tried to cover any questions you might have in the webpages, sometimes we've missed.  Future vacationers have asked these additional questions.

Question -- When do I get my security deposit back?
Answer -- The policies state that the deposit will be returned within 30 days after checkout.  In most cases it's within 1 to 2 weeks.
Question --  Will my security deposit check be cashed?
Answer -- Yes, your security deposit be deposited and refunded by personal check or if given a seperate check for the depoist, it will be voided and returned if the unit is left cean and neat.
Question -- Are there linens provided?
Answer -- Yes, all linens, towels, beach towels, blankets, extra sheets, extra pillows, hot pads and dishtowels are provided, UNLESS you request to bring your own.
Question -- Is there a TV and Internet?
Answer -- Yes, there is a TV, VCR/DVD inside the studio.  There are also movies and games. The studio is set for wireless internet and the password is inside the cabinet.
Question -- Is there anyplace to eat inside?
Answer -- Yes, there is a White dining room table with extensions on both sides which allow seating for 4 people right in front of the sliding glass door in the kitchen. 
Question --  Are there towels inside the unit?
Answer -- Yes, there are 4 towels, 4 hand towels and 4 wash cloths inside the white dresser.  There are also 4 beach towels inside the same dresser.  There are dish towels and oven mitts in the kitchen.
Question -- Is there linens for the 2nd bed?
Answer -- Yes, there is a full set of linens inside the white dresser for putting on the futon, also extra blankets.
Question -- Are there blankets anywhere?
Answer -- Yes, extra blankets are in containers under the double bed as well as inside the white dresser.


We have the right to refuse any reservation.
Santa Cruz Rental
215 B Liberty Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-6514